What is Survival Beast Island Location + Net worth & Facts

What is Survival Beast Island Location + Net worth & Facts

Over the past few days I found a very interesting channel on YouTube. While I was watching Backpacking Bananas YouTube channel I found a click bait title named “Survival Cooking Fish on My Island”. It was a very beautiful tiny island and after watching that video I got thirsty with several questions. This article is a deep look at Survival Beast Island Location and his net worth, biography and facts.

Survival Beast Island Location

Survival best Island is located in Indonesia. His Indonesian girlfriend and he bought this island together and that little island cost around $ 100,000. 

Finally my dream has come true, in a remote part of Indonesia I found a perfect little island paradise to make my survival videos on. The island even has a natural mangrove system with giant Mudcrabs and some unknown species of fish living in it. Make sure you subscribe to Survival Beast to see what happens in the next videos…

Adam cavenagh

Who is the Survival Beast?

Adam Cavanagh is the man behind Survival Beast YouTube channel and also he know as cavy. Adam influence people to do bushcraft, camping and fishing.

“A channel about Survival, bushcraft, spearfishing, line fishing, and the outdoors in general. This channel is a Survival channel and i only eat what I can catch. I’m comfortable living alone and catching my own food.”

Are Cavy from Cavy Fishing and Survival Beast the same?

Adam Cavanagh runs three YouTube channels at present. They are Survival beast, Ledge Lord and Cavy Fishing. So now you know the truth. Actually the first YouTube channel he started is the Cavy Fishing YouTube channel. 

Adam Cavanagh biography

Adam eka Cavy is from Australia and he is 33 years old as of 2022. He was born in Australia but his birthday and other biography facts cant be found in public domains. He lives with his girlfriend in Indonesia.

Family and relationships

Adam Cavanagh never talks about his parents and siblings in his videos. But his girlfriend Natalie is featured on his YouTube channel. Survival Beast girlfriend Natali is from Bali, Indonesia. She is living with him and both of them have a tiny island and house in Indonesia.

Adam Cavanagh's girfriend natali
Adam Cavanagh’s girfriend natali

Social Media

Adam Cavanagh is active on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. He has three YouTube channels. 

Survival Beast net worth

Adam makes money from his Youtube channel, Selling some products on his websites and he is promoting some affiliate products. He has not revealed his net worth to the public. But his net worth is believed to be $ 800,000 as of 2022. 

Adam Cavanagh from Survival Beast
Adam Cavanagh from Survival Beast

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