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Who is the man behind Kent Survival + Net worth

Andrew Davidson is the man behind the Kent Survival YouTube channel. He has a deep passion for camping and connecting with nature, and he aims to inspire others to share in that love. Andrew talks about what he knows and the cool things he’s done outside on his channel. His love for YouTube has brought in an impressive 1 million USD net worth as of 2024, showing that following your interests can pay off big!

On Andrew’s channel, there are lots of videos about camping, survival gadgets, bushcraft (which is like outdoor skills), and cooking over a campfire. And sometimes his girlfriend, Niko, shows up in the videos too. If you’re into outdoor stuff, Andrew’s channel is like a treasure chest full of cool things to watch!

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What is Kent Survival?

Kent Survival is a YouTube channel based in Kent, England. The videos are filmed and uploaded right from Kent as well. So, everything about the channel is rooted in the beauty and adventures of this English county. It’s like a virtual journey through the landscapes and outdoor experiences that Kent has to offer.

A channel of many video types mainly centered around the outdoors, uploaded every Wednesday & sometimes Sundays too. Bushcraft, Survival, Camping, Reviews, History,  Rations, Tutorials and much more

Andrew Davidson

Andrew Davidson biography and early life

Originally from Sweden, Andrew’s nationality is Swedish. However, details like his birthday, age, and other biography facts are not available on public domains.

Before Andrew became a full-time YouTube vlogger, he ran a barbecue and catering business. Unfortunately, he had to quit because he didn’t have enough money. After that, he worked as a carpenter for a few months. Eventually, he discovered his true calling.

Andrew’s hobby is taking pictures of nature, and his past experience in the barbecue and catering business inspired him to become an outdoor camping and campfire cooking YouTube vlogger.

Full nameAndrew Davidson
AgeIn between 40-46
Based onKent, England

Family and relationships

Andrew has not yet revealed about his parents and siblings yet. But he has uploaded a video titled Cowboy Coffee – Whats all the fuss about!?. In that video, he introduced his girlfriend, Nico. 

Kent Survival Andrew and his girlfriend Nico
Kent Survival Andrew and his girlfriend Nico


After quitting his 9-5 Job as a photographer, he started his barbecue and catering business. Unfortunately, he has to stop that business due to financial problems. Then he worked as a carpenter for a few months. 

Andrew uploaded his first video to YouTube titled “DIY Firepuck – Self lighting fire starter” on November 21, 2016. Since then, he has uploaded more than 380 videos to his YouTube channel. Kent Survival channel has 620k subscribers and more than 107 million views. 

Social media

You can find him on YouTube, where he shares all his cool videos. If you want to catch up with him in shorter bits, he’s also on Twitter and Instagram. So, whether you like watching his adventures, reading quick updates, or checking out cool pictures, Andrew is just a click away on these social media platforms!

Kent Survival net worth 2024

Andrew earns money in a few different ways! He makes cash from YouTube, thanks to all the views and likes on his videos. Also, he gets a slice of the pie through marching, Amazon affiliations, and his own website.

With all these sources combined, his net worth is estimated to be a whopping 1 million USD as of 2024! Looks like Andrew’s outdoor adventures are not just exciting; they’re also making his wallet happy!

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  • How old is Andrew Davidson Kent Survival?

    Andrew has not yet disclosed his age or birthday to the public. But we can assume that his age will be between 41-46.

  • Who is Andrew Davidson Kent Survival wife?

    Davidson is not yet married but he is dating a girl named Nico.

  • Where is Kent Survival filmed?

    The channel is based in Kent, England. All of the videos are filmed and uploaded from there. Kent is a beautiful county in South East England. 

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