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Kent Survival Andrew Davidson Net worth, Girlfriend & Must Know Facts

Who is the man behind Kent Survival + Net worth

Andrew Davidson is the man behind the Kent Survival YouTube channel. He is a man who loves outdoor camping and is also a nature lover. Andrew shares his knowledge and experience to influence others who love outdoor camping. His passion for YouTube has bought him a whopping 1 million USD as of 2023.

Andrew uploads outdoor camping, survival gadgets, bushcraft, and campfire cooking videos on his channel. His girlfriend Niko was also featured in several videos with him.

What is Kent Survival?

Kent Survival is a YouTube channel from Kent, England. The channel location also the same.

A channel of many video types mainly centered around the outdoors, uploaded every Wednesday & sometimes Sundays too. Bushcraft, Survival, Camping, Reviews, History,  Rations, Tutorials and much more

Andrew Davidson

Andrew Davidson biography and early life

Before he became a full-time YouTube vlogger, he ran a barbeque & catering business. But he had to quit because he did not have enough money. After that, he worked as a carpenter for a few months, and finally, he found what he was born to do.

Andrew’s hobby is photographing nature, and his experience as a barbeque and catering businessman pushed him to be an outdoor camping and campfire cooking YouTube vlogger.

Andrew Davidson is from Sweden, and his nationality is Swedish, but his birthday, age, and other biography facts are not available on public domains.

Full nameAndrew Davidson
AgeIn between 40-46
Based onKent, England

Family and relationships

Andrew has not yet revealed about his parents and siblings yet. But he has uploaded a video titled Cowboy Coffee – Whats all the fuss about!?. In that video, he introduced his girlfriend, Nico. 


After quitting his 9-5 Job as a photographer, he started his barbecue and catering business. Unfortunately, he has to stop that business due to financial problems. Then he worked as a carpenter for a few months. 

Andrew uploaded his first video to YouTube titled “DIY Firepuck – Self lighting fire starter” on the November 21, 2016. Since then, he has uploaded more than 350 videos to his YouTube channel. Kent Survival channel has 528k subscribers and more than 87 million views. 

Kent Survival Andrew and his girlfriend Nico
Kent Survival Andrew and his girlfriend Nico

Social media

Andew Davidson is active in YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

Kent Survival net worth 2023

Andrew makes money from YouTube earnings, marching, Amazon affiliations, and his own website. His net worth is believed to be 1 million USD as of 2023.


  • How old is Andrew Davidson Kent Survival?

    Andrew has not yet disclosed his age or birthday to the public. But we can assume that his age will be between 41-46.

  • Who is Kent Survival girlfriend?

    Andrew Davidson’s girlfriend is Niko. 

  • Who is Andrew Davidson Kent Survival wife?

    Davidson is not yet married but he is dating a girl named Nico.

  • What is Andrew Davidson Kent Survival job?

    Andrew is now a full time YouTuber.

  • Where is Kent Survival filmed?

    The channel is based in Kent, England. All of the videos are filmed and uploaded from there. Kent is a beautiful county in South East England. 

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Kusk Bushcraft, Ryley Kusk Net Worth, Biography, Wife & Latest News

Kusk Bushcraft, Ryley Kusk Net Worth, Biography, Wife & Latest News

In the heart of Alberta, Canada, Ryley Kusk, is known as the driving force behind Kusk Bushcraft. His story is one of wilderness passion turned digital success, with an estimated net worth of $500,000, primarily fueled by YouTube ad revenue. As we dive into this article, we’ll embark on a journey through Ryley Kusk’s life, tracing his profound connection with the great outdoors and the evolution of Kusk Bushcraft. 

Forget the overloaded packs, expensive camping gear, and the never ending production of useless outdoor “essentials”. Join me on my wilderness adventures where the frills are left behind and the outdoors are simply enjoyed.

Ryley Kusk

Early Life and Passion for the Outdoors

Ryley Kusk’s journey into the wilderness began in his early years. Born in Alberta, Canada, he developed a deep affinity for the outdoors from a tender age. The rugged landscapes, pristine forests, and untamed rivers of his homeland beckoned him into a world where nature was both his playground and teacher. 

His passion for bushcraft and wilderness adventures became evident early on, setting the stage for the remarkable path he would later tread.

Kusk Bushcraft Net Worth

Ryley Kusk is an outdoor enthusiast who has made a name for himself in the digital world as well. He has an estimated net worth of $500,000, mostly due to his popular YouTube channel, Kusk Bushcraft. 

Kusk Bushcraft’s YouTube Earnings:

Ryley Kusk’s YouTube channel, Kusk Bushcraft, isn’t just a treasure trove of outdoor adventures; it’s also a significant source of income. With over 526k subscribers and a whopping 66 million views, Kusk’s channel is thriving. He uploads two to three videos monthly, and his subscriber count grows daily, adding roughly 400 new followers daily. This popularity translates into impressive earnings. 

The channel generates an impressive $500 per day from ads alone, which adds up to a whopping $180,000 per year. It shows how Kusk’s passion for the outdoors has not only captured people’s attention but also turned into a successful online business.

Most-watched video on the Kusk Bushcraft YouTube channel.

Ryley Kusk’s Biography

While he’s known as the man behind Kusk Bushcraft his real name is Ryley Kusk, and he hails from Alberta, Canada. Born on an undisclosed date, Ryley’s age is estimated to be between 28 and 30 years.

Standing at an impressive height of 182 cm and weighing around 76 kg, Ryley possesses striking blue eyes and blonde hair that add to his rugged outdoor appeal. His profession, as the world knows, is that of a YouTuber, where he’s made a significant impact with Kusk Bushcraft. Rykey holds Canadian nationality, firmly rooted in his homeland of Alberta. 

Ryley Kusk

Family and Relationships

While Ryley Kusk’s adventures in the wilderness take center stage, his personal life also plays a crucial role in shaping his journey. Although details about his family background and upbringing remain undisclosed, one aspect shines brightly – his loving relationship with Samantha Decoste

Kush Bushcraft Wife

Samantha, Ryley’s long-time girlfriend and now wife, has been a significant presence in his life. Their shared love for the outdoors has undoubtedly added a unique layer to their bond, making them a dynamic duo in both their personal and outdoor adventures.

Their commitment to each other was beautifully cemented in a wedding ceremony held on July 30, 2019. Samantha, sharing her joy on Instagram, expressed her love for Ryley, describing him as the love of her life and her best friend. Their wedding marked a profound milestone in their journey together, promising a life filled with adventure, love, and the great outdoors. This real-life love story adds an extra layer of warmth to the rugged and untamed world of Kusk Bushcraft.

Kusk Bushcraft’s YouTube Journey

The YouTube journey began with Ryley’s childhood fascination with the outdoors and a passion that refused to be contained. 

In his early days on YouTube, Ryley set out to share his love for the wilderness with the world. His channel initially featured content centered around solo winter camping, shelter building, wood carving (including intriguing projects like “Making a Simple Wood Pipe”), and even constructing log homes in the wild. These videos struck a chord with viewers who shared his love for simplicity and self-sufficiency in nature.

As the channel grew, Kusk Bushcraft hit key milestones, amassing over 526 K subscribers and gaining over 66 million views as of 2023. It’s a testament to Ryley’s ability to capture the essence of survival in the wild and his talent for making it accessible to a global audience. 

Connect with Ryley Kusk and Kusk Bushcraft:

If you’re eager to dive deeper into Ryley Kusk’s world of bushcraft and outdoor adventures, you can connect with him through various social media platforms:

These platforms offer you a direct window into the world of Kusk Bushcraft, where the beauty of nature and the thrill of wilderness exploration are at the forefront. Join the community, engage with like-minded enthusiasts, and share in the wonder of the great outdoors.


Ryley Kusk is a bushcraft and wilderness exploration expert with roots in Alberta, Canada. He has achieved YouTube stardom and has an estimated net worth of $500,000 primarily from YouTube ads. His success demonstrates how following one’s passions can lead to personal and financial triumph. Kusk Bushcraft invites outdoor enthusiasts to embrace nature’s simplicity and Ryley’s dedication to self-sufficiency resonates with them.

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Sin City Outdoors Family, Net Worth & Latest Facts

Meet the Family Behind Sin City Outdoors + Net Worth & Facts

A father and son combo has gone viral these days due to their adventures on Lake Meda Drought. Adrian Montero and Adrian Montero Jr are those members of the YouTube channel Sin City Outdoors. Sin City family net worth is estimated to be 400,000 USD as of 2023. Let’s peep into who they are, what they do, their social media, careers, and more thing to know about these two.

Sin City Outdoors family members

Sin City Outdoor family members are Adrian Montero and his son, Adrian Montero Jr. They are from Los Angeles. They are engaged in hunting, camping, and various wilderness-based activities. Both share their experience through YouTube, which is how the world knows about the pair.

Adrian Montero Jr

Adrian Montero Jr was born in 2001 in Washington. He attended a college in Washington and had to break his education at 14 when his parents moved to Las Vegas. Adrian Montero Jr’s father was in the army, which broke several critical moments in his life as he moved from one place to another. Although academics were not his favorites, Adrian Montero Jr had found sports his favorite activity.

“Although I had to travel around the country, I could find lots of opportunities to find pleasure in my life. Although they were in lakes and among the valleys, I could enjoy my life”. That is what Adrian Montero Jr had once mentioned during his childhood.

Adrian Jr started his hinting with Bass fish. Adrian Montero provided the necessary training for his kid about Salmon and even Sharks. Then the Adrian Montero duo tuned at Bears, who were the most challenging opponent in the jungle. However, the mule deer is the most favorite animal in the jungle for Adrian Jr But, hooking up a bass fish has always been an embracing activity for Adrian.

Learning the animals’ behavior is the most important thing. I have got that training and turning at other species is what a talented hunter must do

Adrian Montero Jr from Sin City Outdoors

Adrian Montero Sr

Adrian Montero Sr is from Las Vegas. Adrian sr has been to a school in Las Vegas. We don’t know about him, including his birthday, parents, and relationships in childhood. We know he is from the US army and has actual experience with the wild.

The only relationship Adrian sr has is with his family. Adrian senior has kids Julien Montero and the middle boy in the family. Also, Adrian sr has not brought his wife into the camera yet. He looks to be in his early forties. The army man has happened to go around the country due to his Army calls. However, he managed to contribute to his family by providing the facts and matters he knew. The end result he could bring was a kid who learned to do lots of things in the wilderness.

Adrian Sr is the muscle behind the famous YouTube series Sin City Outdoors as well. Adrian Jr started his Youtube channel on May 14, 2015, and he did it under Adrian Sr’s advice.

Adrian had played baseball at the school, and he wanted his kid to learn those skills. He has mentioned that his old sports moments had helped him to join the army as well. Among the capabilities transferred by Adrian Sr, Elk, Deer, Javelin, Hogs, Dove, Quail, Coyotes, and Rabbits, hunting was crucial.

Adrian Montero Sr


The Youtube channel was the first achievement of Adrian Jr which he started to show off his hunting capabilities. Then he extended the channel’s scope up to survival, camping, and the contests shown by his followers. However, he will join the ar,y I near future. 

Sin City Outdoors net worth

Sin City Outdoor’s net worth is $400,000, and that depends on the revenue made through the Youtube channel. But, the Adrian Montero duo has got other income sources such as affiliate, influencing, Army salary, and sponsoring for some brands. The entire net worth of the Adrian Montero duo is $624,000.

Social media

The Youtube channel of Sin City Outdoors has 443K subscribers along with over 73 million views in total. Also, they are available on Instagram and Facebook. Adrian Jr has the most followers on Instagram, which is 19.3k Followers as a number.

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How old is Sin City Outdoors?

The channel was started in 2015 and is 07 years old now. When it comes to Adrian Montero jr, he is 21 years old.

What is on Sin City Amazon?

Sin City Outdoors sells its products on Amazon, and you can purchase equipment for hunting, fishing, and camping needs through that.

Is there a sin city outdoor Instagram account?

No, there is not an official Instagram account for Sin City Outdoor. 

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What is Survival Beast Island Location + Net worth & Facts

What is Survival Beast Island Location + Net worth & Facts

Over the past few days I found a very interesting channel on YouTube. While I was watching Backpacking Bananas YouTube channel I found a click bait title named “Survival Cooking Fish on My Island”. It was a very beautiful tiny island and after watching that video I got thirsty with several questions. This article is a deep look at Survival Beast Island Location and his net worth, biography and facts.

Survival Beast Island Location

Survival best Island is located in Indonesia. His Indonesian girlfriend and he bought this island together and that little island cost around $ 100,000. 

Finally my dream has come true, in a remote part of Indonesia I found a perfect little island paradise to make my survival videos on. The island even has a natural mangrove system with giant Mudcrabs and some unknown species of fish living in it. Make sure you subscribe to Survival Beast to see what happens in the next videos…

Adam cavenagh

Who is the Survival Beast?

Adam Cavanagh is the man behind Survival Beast YouTube channel and also he know as cavy. Adam influence people to do bushcraft, camping and fishing.

“A channel about Survival, bushcraft, spearfishing, line fishing, and the outdoors in general. This channel is a Survival channel and i only eat what I can catch. I’m comfortable living alone and catching my own food.”

Are Cavy from Cavy Fishing and Survival Beast the same?

Adam Cavanagh runs three YouTube channels at present. They are Survival beast, Ledge Lord and Cavy Fishing. So now you know the truth. Actually the first YouTube channel he started is the Cavy Fishing YouTube channel. 

Adam Cavanagh biography

Adam eka Cavy is from Australia and he is 33 years old as of 2022. He was born in Australia but his birthday and other biography facts cant be found in public domains. He lives with his girlfriend in Indonesia.

Family and relationships

Adam Cavanagh never talks about his parents and siblings in his videos. But his girlfriend Natalie is featured on his YouTube channel. Survival Beast girlfriend Natali is from Bali, Indonesia. She is living with him and both of them have a tiny island and house in Indonesia.

Adam Cavanagh's girfriend natali
Adam Cavanagh’s girfriend natali

Social Media

Adam Cavanagh is active on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. He has three YouTube channels. 

Survival Beast net worth

Adam makes money from his Youtube channel, Selling some products on his websites and he is promoting some affiliate products. He has not revealed his net worth to the public. But his net worth is believed to be $ 800,000 as of 2022. 

Adam Cavanagh from Survival Beast
Adam Cavanagh from Survival Beast

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Outdoor Boys Luke Nichols Net Worth & Family Members .

Get to know Outdoor Boys Luke Nichols net worth and facts

Outdoor Boys is a YouTube channel created by Luke Nichols, his wife Rebecca, and their three sons, Tommy, Nate, and Jake. They live in Virginia, United States, and all their videos were made and uploaded from there. Outdoor Boy’s net worth is estimated at 3.5 million USD as of September 2023. It includes Luke Nichol’s net worth and YouTube channel net worth.

Luke is the host of the channel and he is a criminal defense attorney in profession. Most of their fans believing that Luke was in the military before. But his LinkedIn profile shows that he didn’t serve on military.

Let’s peep into more information about Luke and Outdoor Boys members.

Outdoor boys net worth 2023

Outdoor Boys’ net worth is estimated 3.5M USD. YouTubing, Influencing, sponsoring, and affiliating has been the main income-generating ways for his net worth. His YouTube channel have a net worth 1.08 Million USD as of September 2023.

Catfish and Craps is their another income source. Its brings considerable amount of their income. Luke is selling merch and affiliating fishing tools and equipment from his official site,

What is Luke Nichols net worth?

Luke Nichols Net Worth is 3.5 Million USD as of September 2023.

Who are Outdoor Boys?

Outdoor Boys is a popular YouTube channel by an entire family, Luke Nichols. Their YouTube channel is among the most popular due to its significant characteristics.

Me and my boys, Tommy, Nate and Jacob are the Outdoor Boys. We love all things outdoors: family projects and adventures, travel, forging, camping, camp fire cooking, fossil hunting, magnet fishing, metal detecting, goofing around whatever we darn-well feel like!!

Outdoor Boys

Outdoor Boys Luke Nichols family members

Outdoor Boys is a team effort fulfilled by Father, Mother, and sons. When looking at the Luke Nicholson Family, Luke Nichols is the father, Rebecca is the mother, and Tommy, Nate, and Jacob are the other family members. They are Christian in religion.

Our Mission is to motivate YOU. It does not matter what or where you drive, what matters is that you move it”

OutDoor Boys
Outdoor Boys Luke Nichols family members
Outdoor Boys Luke Nichols family members

The Outdoor Boys father, Luke Nichols

Luke is the pioneer of the commencement of the channel, and he is the one who has managed it so far. Luke originally is from Alaska. Currently, he lives in Virginia, one of the wildest areas if a person manages to discover its true meaning. His father is R. Nichols, and his mother is Sharon.

He is the third in a family of three, and Luke desires to get into the wild and discover stuff. Unlike other children of his age, Luke tried to find fire from two metal rods and did similar things. His academics were wealthy despite his interest in the wild. He has had his educational qualifications from Bs. Political Science from Brigham Young University and attended George Mason University School of law.

Luke found the mother of his family, Rebecca, and they are in their world now, along with three kids. The outdoor channel has got more than 3.4 million subscribers, and Luke has been able to demonstrate a whole new culture to his followers.  

The outdoor Boys father, Luke Nichols
The Outdoor Boys father, Luke Nichols

Rebecca Nichols

Rebecca is from Salt Lake City, Utah. Rebecca and Luke met in a church while they were learning in Bingham University. They have been married about 22 years as of 2023. Rebeca is the mother of Tommy, Nate, and Jacobs. We still don’t know where she is and her parents’ information.

Luke Nichols wife Rebeca
Luke Nichols wife Rebeca


Tommy is the family’s eldest member, and he is 06 years old. In Luke’s videos, he appears to be the bravest child who doesn’t even show the fear of being in water along with a croc.


Nate is the second one in the family, and he is just 5 years old. Nate loves fishing, swimming, and spending time in the wild. As most followers see, Nate is the same as Luke, as both love wild. When going through their videos on their YouTube channel, it is clear that Nate is the member to have appeared in the videos.  


Jacob is the youngest member of the Luke family, just 04 years old. His father had started his career and got into a better position when he was born in 2018. He lost all the fun.

But, he is going with his family into the wild atmosphere. Luke, his father, said he would soon start an Instagram account for the youngest member.

Outdoor Boys children Tommy, Nate and Jacob
Outdoor Boys children Tommy, Nate and Jacob

How did Luke Nichols lose weight?

Luke has been losing weight for a long time. Luke has not revealed how he lost weight, but some of his followers believe he is suffering from a Stomach Ulcer. A stomach or gastric ulcer is an infection caused by Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori).

One of the effects of the ulcer is reduced weight. However, it is not fatal, so that Luke will get well soon.

What is Luke from Outdoor Boys religion?

Luke is a devoted Mormon, and he subtly incorporates his religious values into his videos. He often mentions taking his family to church. In one of his explainer videos, he casually reveals that he spent two years as a missionary in Japan. However, theological discussions are not a prominent feature in his content.

What does Luke Nichols do for a living?

Luke is a popular outdoorsman and YouTuber. He has more than 3.6 million subscribers on Outdoor Boys and has more than a million subscribers on his ‘Catfish and Carp’ YouTube channels. Luke is also an attorney.


Outdoor Boys YouTube channel was started in May 2015. Since then, Luke’s career was mainly based on YouTube. He has 3.6M subscribers along with millions of watch hours to confirm his career is on a safe journey.

Social media

Outdoor Boys are available on Instagram and Facebook. They have over 42K followers on Instagram and 107k followers on Facebook. They are mostly know for Outdoor Boys YouTube channel, but they have a another channel named Catfish and Crap.

Catfish and Crap channel has 1.1 Million subscribers and over 19K followers on its Instagram profile. Catfish and Crap Facebook page has 87K likes and 88 followers.


  1. Who is Luke Nichols wife?

    Rebecca is the wife of Luke Nichols.

  2. How old is Luke Nichols?

    He is in his early 40s.

  3. Where is Outdoor Boys family from?

    They are from Virginia.  

  4. How old is Tommy from Outdoor Boys?

    he is 6 years old as of 2022.

  5. What does Luke from Outdoor Boys do for a living?

    Luke makes money as a criminal defense attorney and a YouTuber. That’s what he does for a living.

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