Outdoor Boys’s Luke Nichols Net Worth & Family Members.

Get to know Outdoor Boys Luke Nichols net worth and facts

Outdoor Boys, a YouTube channel, is managed by Luke Nichols, along with his wife Rebecca and their three sons – Tommy, Nate, and Jake. They reside in Virginia, USA, and create and share videos from there. As of February 2024, Outdoor Boys’ total value is around 4.5 million USD, which includes Luke Nichols’ personal net worth and the value of their YouTube channel.

Luke, the channel’s host, is a professional criminal defense attorney. While many fans assume he has a military background, his LinkedIn profile reveals that he did not serve in the military.

Me and my boys, Tommy, Nate and Jacob are the Outdoor Boys. We love all things outdoors: family projects and adventures, travel, forging, camping, camp fire cooking, fossil hunting, magnet fishing, metal detecting, goofing around whatever we darn-well feel like!!

Outdoor Boys

Outdoor Boys Net Worth 2024

Outdoor Boys’ overall value is around $4.5 Million, with the main sources of income being YouTube, influencing, sponsorships, and affiliations. The YouTube channel itself contributes a significant amount, with a net worth of 1.08 Million USD as of February 2024.

Another income stream for them is “Catfish and Craps,” which brings in a substantial portion of their earnings. Luke sells merchandise and affiliates with fishing tools and equipment through his official site, catsandcrap.com.

What is Luke Nichols net worth?

As of February 2024, Luke Nichols’ net worth is 4.5 million USD, including earnings from YouTube, influencing, sponsorships, and affiliations.

Outdoor Boys Luke Nichols family members

Outdoor Boys is a team effort fulfilled by Father, Mother, and sons. When looking at the Luke Nicholson Family, Luke Nichols is the father, Rebecca is the mother, and Tommy, Nate, and Jacob are the other family members. They are Christian in religion.

Our Mission is to motivate YOU. It does not matter what or where you drive, what matters is that you move it”

Outdoor Boys
Outdoor Boys Luke Nichols family members
Outdoor Boys Luke Nichols family members

The Outdoor Boys father, Luke Nichols

Luke is the pioneer of the commencement of the channel, and he is the one who has managed it so far. Luke originally is from Alaska. Currently, he lives in Virginia, one of the wildest areas if a person manages to discover its true meaning. His father is R. Nichols, and his mother is Sharon.

He is the third in a family of three, and Luke desires to get into the wild and discover stuff. Unlike other children of his age, Luke tried to find fire from two metal rods and did similar things. His academics were wealthy despite his interest in the wild. He has had his educational qualifications from Bs. Political Science from Brigham Young University and attended George Mason University School of law.

Luke found the mother of his family, Rebecca, and they are in their world now, along with three kids. The outdoor channel has got more than 3.4 million subscribers, and Luke has been able to demonstrate a whole new culture to his followers.  

The outdoor Boys father, Luke Nichols
The Outdoor Boys father, Luke Nichols

Rebecca Nichols

Rebecca is from Salt Lake City, Utah. Rebecca and Luke met in a church while they were learning in Bingham University. They have been married about 22 years as of 2023. Rebeca is the mother of Tommy, Nate, and Jacobs. We still don’t know where she is and her parents’ information.

Luke Nichols wife Rebeca
Luke Nichols wife Rebeca


Tommy is the family’s eldest member, and he is 06 years old. In Luke’s videos, he appears to be the bravest child who doesn’t even show the fear of being in water along with a croc.


Nate is the second one in the family, and he is just 5 years old. Nate loves fishing, swimming, and spending time in the wild. As most followers see, Nate is the same as Luke, as both love wild. When going through their videos on their YouTube channel, it is clear that Nate is the member to have appeared in the videos.  


Jacob is the youngest member of the Luke family, just 04 years old. His father had started his career and got into a better position when he was born in 2018. He lost all the fun.

But, he is going with his family into the wild atmosphere. Luke, his father, said he would soon start an Instagram account for the youngest member.

Outdoor Boys children Tommy, Nate and Jacob
Outdoor Boys children Tommy, Nate and Jacob

How did Luke Nichols lose weight?

Luke has been losing weight for a long time. Luke has not revealed how he lost weight, but some of his followers believe he is suffering from a Stomach Ulcer. A stomach or gastric ulcer is an infection caused by Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori).

One of the effects of the ulcer is reduced weight. However, it is not fatal, so that Luke will get well soon.

What is Luke from Outdoor Boys religion?

Luke is a devoted Mormon, and he subtly incorporates his religious values into his videos. He often mentions taking his family to church. In one of his explainer videos, he casually reveals that he spent two years as a missionary in Japan. However, theological discussions are not a prominent feature in his content.

What does Luke Nichols do for a living?

Luke is a popular outdoorsman and YouTuber. He has more than 3.6 million subscribers on Outdoor Boys and has more than a million subscribers on his ‘Catfish and Carp’ YouTube channels. Luke is also an attorney.


Outdoor Boys YouTube channel was started in May 2015. Since then, Luke’s career was mainly based on YouTube. He has 3.6M subscribers along with millions of watch hours to confirm his career is on a safe journey.

Social media

Outdoor Boys are available on Instagram and Facebook. They have over 42K followers on Instagram and 107k followers on Facebook. They are mostly know for Outdoor Boys YouTube channel, but they have a another channel named Catfish and Crap.

Catfish and Crap channel has 1.1 Million subscribers and over 19K followers on its Instagram profile. Catfish and Crap Facebook page has 87K likes and 88 followers.


Is Luke Nichols still a lawyer?

Yes, Luke Nichols is indeed still a lawyer. His expertise lies in Criminal Defense: DUI/DWI in Fairfax, Virginia, where he is recognized as a top-rated attorney. Despite his active presence on YouTube, practicing law remains a significant part of his professional journey. Luke graduated from George Mason University School of Law in 2009 and has been practicing law since, earning accolades for his achievements in the field.

Who is Luke Nichols wife?

Rebecca is Luke Nichols’ wife, providing essential support and companionship in their shared journey.

What does Luke from Outdoor Boys do for a living?

Luke from Outdoor Boys works as a legal expert, specifically dealing with criminal defense, especially DUI/DWI cases. Alongside his legal career, he also shares outdoor content on YouTube through Outdoor Boys.

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