Kusk Bushcraft, Ryley Kusk Net Worth, Biography, Wife & Latest News

Kusk Bushcraft, Ryley Kusk Net Worth, Biography, Wife & Latest News

In the heart of Alberta, Canada, Ryley Kusk, is known as the driving force behind Kusk Bushcraft. His story is one of wilderness passion turned digital success, with an estimated net worth of $500,000, primarily fueled by YouTube ad revenue. As we dive into this article, we’ll embark on a journey through Ryley Kusk’s life, tracing his profound connection with the great outdoors and the evolution of Kusk Bushcraft. 

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Ryley Kusk
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Early Life and Passion for the Outdoors

Ryley Kusk’s journey into the wilderness began in his early years. Born in Alberta, Canada, he developed a deep affinity for the outdoors from a tender age. The rugged landscapes, pristine forests, and untamed rivers of his homeland beckoned him into a world where nature was both his playground and teacher. 

His passion for bushcraft and wilderness adventures became evident early on, setting the stage for the remarkable path he would later tread.

Kusk Bushcraft Net Worth

Ryley Kusk is an outdoor enthusiast who has made a name for himself in the digital world as well. He has an estimated net worth of $500,000, mostly due to his popular YouTube channel, Kusk Bushcraft. 

Kusk Bushcraft’s YouTube Earnings:

Ryley Kusk’s YouTube channel, Kusk Bushcraft, isn’t just a treasure trove of outdoor adventures; it’s also a significant source of income. With over 526k subscribers and a whopping 66 million views, Kusk’s channel is thriving. He uploads two to three videos monthly, and his subscriber count grows daily, adding roughly 400 new followers daily. This popularity translates into impressive earnings. 

The channel generates an impressive $500 per day from ads alone, which adds up to a whopping $180,000 per year. It shows how Kusk’s passion for the outdoors has not only captured people’s attention but also turned into a successful online business.

Most-watched video on the Kusk Bushcraft YouTube channel.

Ryley Kusk’s Biography

While he’s known as the man behind Kusk Bushcraft his real name is Ryley Kusk, and he hails from Alberta, Canada. Born on an undisclosed date, Ryley’s age is estimated to be between 28 and 30 years.

Standing at an impressive height of 182 cm and weighing around 76 kg, Ryley possesses striking blue eyes and blonde hair that add to his rugged outdoor appeal. His profession, as the world knows, is that of a YouTuber, where he’s made a significant impact with Kusk Bushcraft. Rykey holds Canadian nationality, firmly rooted in his homeland of Alberta. 

Ryley Kusk

Family and Relationships

While Ryley Kusk’s adventures in the wilderness take center stage, his personal life also plays a crucial role in shaping his journey. Although details about his family background and upbringing remain undisclosed, one aspect shines brightly – his loving relationship with Samantha Decoste

Kush Bushcraft Wife

Samantha, Ryley’s long-time girlfriend and now wife, has been a significant presence in his life. Their shared love for the outdoors has undoubtedly added a unique layer to their bond, making them a dynamic duo in both their personal and outdoor adventures.

Their commitment to each other was beautifully cemented in a wedding ceremony held on July 30, 2019. Samantha, sharing her joy on Instagram, expressed her love for Ryley, describing him as the love of her life and her best friend. Their wedding marked a profound milestone in their journey together, promising a life filled with adventure, love, and the great outdoors. This real-life love story adds an extra layer of warmth to the rugged and untamed world of Kusk Bushcraft.

Kusk Bushcraft’s YouTube Journey

The YouTube journey began with Ryley’s childhood fascination with the outdoors and a passion that refused to be contained. 

In his early days on YouTube, Ryley set out to share his love for the wilderness with the world. His channel initially featured content centered around solo winter camping, shelter building, wood carving (including intriguing projects like “Making a Simple Wood Pipe”), and even constructing log homes in the wild. These videos struck a chord with viewers who shared his love for simplicity and self-sufficiency in nature.

As the channel grew, Kusk Bushcraft hit key milestones, amassing over 526 K subscribers and gaining over 66 million views as of 2023. It’s a testament to Ryley’s ability to capture the essence of survival in the wild and his talent for making it accessible to a global audience. 

Connect with Ryley Kusk and Kusk Bushcraft:

If you’re eager to dive deeper into Ryley Kusk’s world of bushcraft and outdoor adventures, you can connect with him through various social media platforms:

These platforms offer you a direct window into the world of Kusk Bushcraft, where the beauty of nature and the thrill of wilderness exploration are at the forefront. Join the community, engage with like-minded enthusiasts, and share in the wonder of the great outdoors.


Ryley Kusk is a bushcraft and wilderness exploration expert with roots in Alberta, Canada. He has achieved YouTube stardom and has an estimated net worth of $500,000 primarily from YouTube ads. His success demonstrates how following one’s passions can lead to personal and financial triumph. Kusk Bushcraft invites outdoor enthusiasts to embrace nature’s simplicity and Ryley’s dedication to self-sufficiency resonates with them.

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