Sin City Outdoors Family, Net Worth & Latest Facts

Meet the Family Behind Sin City Outdoors + Net Worth & Facts

A father and son combo has gone viral these days due to their adventures on Lake Meda Drought. Adrian Montero and Adrian Montero Jr are those members of the YouTube channel Sin City Outdoors. Sin City family net worth is estimated to be 400,000 USD as of 2023. Let’s peep into who they are, what they do, their social media, careers, and more thing to know about these two.

Sin City Outdoors family members

Sin City Outdoor family members are Adrian Montero and his son, Adrian Montero Jr. They are from Los Angeles. They are engaged in hunting, camping, and various wilderness-based activities. Both share their experience through YouTube, which is how the world knows about the pair.

Adrian Montero Jr

Adrian Montero Jr was born in 2001 in Washington. He attended a college in Washington and had to break his education at 14 when his parents moved to Las Vegas. Adrian Montero Jr’s father was in the army, which broke several critical moments in his life as he moved from one place to another. Although academics were not his favorites, Adrian Montero Jr had found sports his favorite activity.

“Although I had to travel around the country, I could find lots of opportunities to find pleasure in my life. Although they were in lakes and among the valleys, I could enjoy my life”. That is what Adrian Montero Jr had once mentioned during his childhood.

Adrian Jr started his hinting with Bass fish. Adrian Montero provided the necessary training for his kid about Salmon and even Sharks. Then the Adrian Montero duo tuned at Bears, who were the most challenging opponent in the jungle. However, the mule deer is the most favorite animal in the jungle for Adrian Jr But, hooking up a bass fish has always been an embracing activity for Adrian.

Learning the animals’ behavior is the most important thing. I have got that training and turning at other species is what a talented hunter must do

Adrian Montero Jr from Sin City Outdoors

Adrian Montero Sr

Adrian Montero Sr is from Las Vegas. Adrian sr has been to a school in Las Vegas. We don’t know about him, including his birthday, parents, and relationships in childhood. We know he is from the US army and has actual experience with the wild.

The only relationship Adrian sr has is with his family. Adrian senior has kids Julien Montero and the middle boy in the family. Also, Adrian sr has not brought his wife into the camera yet. He looks to be in his early forties. The army man has happened to go around the country due to his Army calls. However, he managed to contribute to his family by providing the facts and matters he knew. The end result he could bring was a kid who learned to do lots of things in the wilderness.

Adrian Sr is the muscle behind the famous YouTube series Sin City Outdoors as well. Adrian Jr started his Youtube channel on May 14, 2015, and he did it under Adrian Sr’s advice.

Adrian had played baseball at the school, and he wanted his kid to learn those skills. He has mentioned that his old sports moments had helped him to join the army as well. Among the capabilities transferred by Adrian Sr, Elk, Deer, Javelin, Hogs, Dove, Quail, Coyotes, and Rabbits, hunting was crucial.

Adrian Montero Sr


The Youtube channel was the first achievement of Adrian Jr which he started to show off his hunting capabilities. Then he extended the channel’s scope up to survival, camping, and the contests shown by his followers. However, he will join the ar,y I near future. 

Sin City Outdoors net worth

Sin City Outdoor’s net worth is $400,000, and that depends on the revenue made through the Youtube channel. But, the Adrian Montero duo has got other income sources such as affiliate, influencing, Army salary, and sponsoring for some brands. The entire net worth of the Adrian Montero duo is $624,000.

Social media

The Youtube channel of Sin City Outdoors has 443K subscribers along with over 73 million views in total. Also, they are available on Instagram and Facebook. Adrian Jr has the most followers on Instagram, which is 19.3k Followers as a number.

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How old is Sin City Outdoors?

The channel was started in 2015 and is 07 years old now. When it comes to Adrian Montero jr, he is 21 years old.

What is on Sin City Amazon?

Sin City Outdoors sells its products on Amazon, and you can purchase equipment for hunting, fishing, and camping needs through that.

Is there a sin city outdoor Instagram account?

No, there is not an official Instagram account for Sin City Outdoor. 

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