“Live and Give 4X4” YouTube Channel Net worth and Facts

Live and Give 4X4_ YouTube Channel Net worth and Facts

Being a full-time traveler is not so easy even for a single person. But what about traveling full time with a little baby boy and two dogs? Live and Give 4X4 is Isabela and Fabian who live in a truck with their little son Matheo and two dogs, Uni and Basco. They have rented their house in Germany and have been full-time nomads since 2016. 

Live and Give 4X4 family members. 

Live and Give 4X4 family members. 

As you already know there are 5 members living in  Live and Give Mercedes Atego 4×4. Fabian, Isabela, Matheo, Uni, and Basco are the whole family. Fabian is from Germany and Isabell is from Brazil. They were met in Barcelona while traveling. Their son Matheo was born in Germany.

They have not revealed their age, birthday and other biography facts yet, it seems they like to keep it personal. But we can guess that Fabian is in his early thirties and Isabela is in her late twenties. Their little son Mathew was born in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic time.

Social media

Fabian and Isabela are on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. YouTube is the one they are mostly active on. They have more than 106K subscribers and 7.4 million views on YouTube as of August 2020. They share on Instagram every moment they capture while traveling.

Live and Give 4X4 net worth

Fabian and Isabela make money from his YouTube channel, travel consulting, and some affiliates. They have not revealed his net worth to the public. But their net worth is believed to be $ 1 million as of 2022.

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