Facts about Dom and Marie from Vanlife Sagas YouTube channel

Everything About Dom And Marie From Vanlife Sagas

Dom and Marie from Vanlife Sagas are one of the most famous vloggers with a splendid Vanlife. This article will address who they are, what they do as their career, net worth, social media, and more things you would know.

Dom and Marie biography

The couple known as Dom and Marie is Canadians. They started their careers long ago and found their path crossed recently with travel intentions. This biography will say how they got there.

“We’re Dom & Marie, a Canadian couple who lives in a van since 2017. We love to share Vanlife tips, daily living advice and adventure videos. Buckle up and get ready for Vanlife Sagas”

Dom & Marie

Dom biography and early life

Dom Faucha from Vanlife Sagas YouTube channel

Dom was born in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, and his real name are Dom Faucha. We don’t know about his parents and his birth year. The only thing we know about Dom’s parents is that they were both in the military, and Dom had to be in several places in Canada. Dom has a brother and a sister who enjoy their lives by traveling. Dom’s birthday was on 4th November in 1987. He is 34 years old now.

As a schoolboy, Dom has found music and art attractive for him. He mentioned that his school time inspired him to become who he has become. Since photography, arts, and creativeness were in his blood, Dom has been able to earn money even while spending his life on wheels.

The vlogger has had his Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies from the University of Laval. As Dom mentions about his education, he has got his degree in Journalism and Advertising and Marketing to do something of his own. But, there were no plans to spend a life in a van. After graduation, it was a job he went after. He found a teaching assistant at the same university.  

Dom has started his earnings as a freelance writer. Then he moved to Bleublancrouge as a copywriter. The Youtuber has been working as an Associate Creative Director for Orkestra. He is living with his wife, Marie, in a van, which they modified and traveling worldwide.

Marie biography and early life

Marie Bastlen from Vanlife Sagas

The brain behind the Vanlife Youtube channel is Marie. Her full name is Marie Bastlen. She was born in 1990 in Canada. The Youtuber went to a school in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. We don’t know who her parents and siblings are. The 32 old influencers had her bachelor’s degree from Ottawa University in 2016. Marie is completing her Ph.D. in Education. She is managing several professional tasks for the family.

The social media influencer says she works for 9 online communities, coordinating 4 events and creating content for those who get the Vanlife Saga’s service. She met Dom in 2015, and that is due to their mutual interest in traveling.

Family and relationships

The family the pair has got themselves. But, we can see that their fathers are spending closer lives with them. More importantly, it was Dom’s and Marie’s fathers who helped them to modify the vehicle they have now. Although Dom has a brother and sister, they are not living their lives closer to Dom and Marie. The couple doesn’t have a child now. Once, Marie mentioned that they are single until they complete their careers. Also, they don’t have a pet.

The clients the couple works with are close to them. We can see Dom and Marie are capturing them on their social media account as well.

What is the Van of Dom and Marie?

Dom and Marie purchased their first Van, a 2014 Dodge Ram Promaster, in 2017. The previous owner had used it for delivery purposes. They had to expend CAD$28,700 for the renovation. A mobile home and an office were created in the end. It was Dom’s idea he had been a specialist in such creative tasks. The couple has mentioned that they have traveled more than 25000 miles in this vehicle.

They are currently using a Promaster, which has been named Vanessa by the couple. It was purchased in 2020. As they mention, their latest vehicle is the best support they have. Also, the facilitating of the WiFi network has been the only problem they have. Since the couple has to work with many clients online, they stay near some major cities until they complete these tasks. Vanessa is the only help for them in such tasks.


One of the achievements of Dom and Marie is the Vanlife Sagas: a series of short travel documentaries. It is expected to cover some fascinating countries in the world ma ranging from the USA to New Zealand. They will completely cover Iceland, Norway, and South Africa in their tour. 

How much is Vanlife Sagas Net worth 2022?

Vanlife Sagas’ net worth is $132,000. Their YouTube channel brings the couple the highest revenue, with 3,690,715 total views from 57.9K subscribers. Influencing, brand sponsoring, event coordination, digital marketing, writing, and salaries make this income.

Social Media

Vanlife Sagas is available on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Instagram has been the most successful platform for the couple, with 60.6k Followers for 238 Posts they have updated. Since Dom has digital marketing knowledge, he has also added a Pinterest account to get more social media traffic.


How much is Vanlife Sagas Net worth?

Vanlife Sagas’ net worth is $132,000. They are growing fast, and they will exceed the $200,000 milestone soon.

Did Vanlife Saga sell Vanessa?

Although they have decided to sell their second brand new Van, Vanessa, they have not sold it yet.

What is the Vanlife Sagas Electrical system?

They use a solar panel along with AGM batteries for their electrical supplies.

Who are Dom and Marie from Vanlife Sagas?

They are Dom Faucha and Marie Bastien.

How old are Dom and Marie from Vanlife Sagas?

Dom is 34 years old, and his wife, Marie, is 32 years old.

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