Facts to know about Trent and Allie’s lifestyle & Net worth

Facts to know about Trent and Allie's lifestyle & Net worth

Traveling to 16 different countries with a van is not an easy task. Trent and Allie have not only achieved that but done more things a couple wouldn’t do within a couple of years. After their first child Leo born now they living in the Utah mountains. Currently they have a whopping net worth about 735,00 USD as of 2023.

We’re Trent and Allie (and Frank the dog), a couple of DIY’ers who spent 3 years traveling around in a van before we decided to buy some land and start building our own little home in the mountains! Come along for the ride to see how much of a struggle it can be to build your own house in some crazy conditions.

Trent and Allie’s net worth 2023

Tent and Allie’s net worth is around $735,000. Their YouTube revenue, website’s affiliate income, Influencing, and sponsoring have brought revenue to them.

Trent and Allie’s biography

Trent Childs and Allie Miraglia first met through a dating app. That is not either the beginning or the end of their story.


Trent Childs was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, in December 26, 1987. He was raised in the Grand Ridge community, where he spent his childhood. His father was Allen Childs, and we don’t know who his mother is. Trent Childs has gone to a local college in the area, and he reminds us of that place through his YouTube videos. Trent was an outdoor gear sales representative who visited homes in daily life.

After meeting his partner, Allie became a travel addict as he had that in his deep. Both went on a road trip to Canada in 2017, which was the beginning of their long journey. In 2017, Trent and Allie sold their van and purchased a RAM Promaster. He converted it to a home, and the expenditure was $50,000. Trent added a toilet, shower, oven, refrigerator, and even a temperature-controlled furnace for their travel partner.

Trent Childs

“Without having any physical belonging, we enjoyed our lives. Actually, it was my idea to leave everything ad live on a van which actually worked,” said Trent once. Now he is adapting to new farm life and away from his beloved van.


Allie Miraglia was born in 1989 in Washington DC. After having an academic-related to Business administration, Allie got her first job. She was employed as a project manager in a healthcare quality improvement organization. She loved spending time with nature and the surrounding.

Allie Miraglia

Allie’s hobbies were mountain biking, hiking, and going into the wilderness. She met her husband through a dating app, Bumble, in 2016. They had a small tryout in 2017, trying to go for a long drive. It worked as well. In the same year, they started their YouTube channel, which has brought their income from that moment onwards.

Currently, she is in Utah with her Husband as they changed their attitude due to the newborn Child. Although they built a house and live as vloggers who have homes, traveling will be their ultimate desire. Allie had to face one terrible moment recently. In 2019, two men tried to steal their vehicle while they were asleep. Although they could get away, this triggered a sense of danger.

Leo Childs

Leo is Trent and Allie’s baby boy. He was born in November 4, 2021. The baby was just 36 weeks old when he was born and had to fight for his life. After a brave fight and spending days in BCU, Leo has recovered from his breathing difficulties.

Currently, Leo is 1 year old and will turn 2 in November this year (2023).

Are Trent and Allie Mormon?

Neither of them have revealed what their religious beliefs are, as Trent and Allie have yet to confirm whether they are Mormons.

Family and relationships

The personal relationships of Trent and Allie are with their only C-child Leo who was born ten months ago. We don’t see Trent and Allie having siblings or talk about them either. The first pet they met was Frank, and now they have Lika, who has been in the family for a year.

Other than the family, the duo has relationships related to their traveling. But we can see that they don’t have long-lasting friends.

What kind of dog do Trent and Allie have?

Frank is a Blue Heeler, and Lika is a German Shepherd.

Trent and Allie


Both Allie and Trent started their career as traditional job holders. Then they found out that traveling is the best hobby and that vlogging is the best professional they can find. They have been doing that since 2018.

Social media

Trent & Allie are on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook and have their official website. YouTube has been the best platform for them, along with 465k subscribers and millions of views.


  • What do Trent and Allie do for a living?

    They are YouTubers who upload videos about their traveling experiences and get a monthly revenue from that. Also, they have influencing, sponsoring, and affiliates as particular income sources. 

  • Where are Trent and Allie building their house?

    Trent and Allie are building their house in Utah.

  • On which days are Trent and Ellie episodes out?

    They release episodes on YouTube on Monday & Friday.

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