Everything to know Jarrod Tocci’s Lifestyle and Net worth

Everything to know Jarrod Tocci's Lifestyle and Net worth

Jarrod Tocci is among the least people who made the brave decision to live on four wheels. This article will explain his biography, career, net worth, and more things you would want to know.

Jarrod Tocci Biography

Jarrod Tocci was born in 1983 in Beaverton, Oregon, United States. He has mentioned that he has siblings in the family through his YouTube channel, and we don’t know who they are. Also, we don’t have information about the parents of Jarrod Tocci. The vlogger went to Beaverton in Oregon, where he got the skills related to content writing. In one of his videos, he also mentions his school as the birthplace of his thoughts.

After completing his high school education, Jarrod went to Wentworth Institute of Technology for his Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering. That is what made him build a home on wheels later. Along with the education, Jarrod got his content writing and drama skills in Boston. Jarrod spent several evenings there sensing drama, comedy, and acting fundamentals. After graduation, it had been hard for him as Jarrod could not find any opportunity to go ahead.

After a couple of minor jobs, Jarrod could earn a spot in his first movie, American Style (2008). The role he played was the twin father of Sam, who had a bit higher thing in the film. Two years after that, Jafford got his second move, Counting Backwards (2010), in which Jarrod played the role of Young Darren. 2011 was the year he started his Youtube career. Since then, he has been building homes in vans and creating videos that belong to various niches. Jarrod is single at present and living in his dream, traveling by his Van.

jarrod Tocci with his dog Glacier

Family and relationships

We don’t know who the father of Jarrod Tocci is. But, Jarrod has mentioned him on several occasions as he helped Jarrod to build GHOST, his Van on wheels. He has a brother named Jeff Tocci. Jarrod is single at present, and we can’t see any relationships he had throughout his life. Since it has been less than a few years since his success, we will see a partner in next coming years.

We can see Jarrod is having relationships with other Van travelers. Recently, such a writer, Alaska, visited Jarrod’s GHOST for a friendly chat and they are not deeply connected.

Jarrod has a pet partner Glacier, a dog. He adopted Glacier a year ago from a shop. Recently, Jarrod had added a few clicks of Glacier.

Jarrod Tocci with his brother Jeff Tocci

What is Jarrod Tocci Ghost Van?

The Ghost Van is the name used for his modified Van but Jarrod Tocci. He built it in 2017, and since then, Jarrod has added several modifications to the Ghost Van. The Van has got that name as he had managed the small space to include lots of features focusing on the stealth mode. No one will believe that his person would sleep in this Van.

Jarrod has happened to save money for up to 06 months for building the GHOST. He had spent $10,000 on the upgrades. The travel money has been found through YouTube monetization.

The GHOST was a Ram Promaster 159 wheelbase high roof. Since this creative person had to spend his time in the suburbs and public transport to do his videos, this decision was taken. He has established a fixed bed instead of a temporary table, and it is the most challenging for the project.

Heated floors, Recirculating shower, solar panels for energy, and a floating ceiling are the feature added later. Along with a kitchen, table, and a place to enjoy a drink, the Van is a complete house.

Ghost 1, Ram Promaster 159

What is Jarrod’s GHOST 2?

Jarrod is in the GHOST 2, which is a modified Sprinter. This is the vehicle he used as he had to sell the first vehicle. The latest GHOST 2 has given 10ft high living space for Jarrod, which is higher than the previous Van, GHOST 1. Not only the money but the experience and the knowledge are among the things he got from GHOST 1. 

Ghost 2, Sprinter Van


Jarrod has several careers as a comedian, actor, and consultant for vehicle upgrades, Youtuber, vlogger, affiliate marketer, and Architecture. Youtubing has been the mostly befitted career for Jarrod, while vehicle modifying is his hobby.

Jarrod Tocci’s net worth update

Jarrod Tocci’s net worth is $145,000. Youtubing brings him the major income due to his 206k followers and 33,345,523 views. Influencing, brand sponsors, and acting has brought him a comparatively higher income. His affiliate website is used for selling his products and consulting for travelers. The website brings him minor revenues. 

Social media

Jarrod is on Facebook and Instagram. Jarrod has been mostly successful on Instagram as an influencer with 24.5k followers. Promotions, achievements, and the latest travel updates are delivered through the Instagram account.


  1. How many vans does Jarrod Tocci own?

    He owns just one Van. Jarrod sold his previous Van and built another Home on the newly purchased Sprinter.

  2. What is Jarrod Tocci’s Net worth?

    Jarrod’s net worth is $145,000.

  3. What solar panel has Jarrod used on his Van?

    He is using a Light Harvest Solar on his Van.

  4. Where is Jarrod Tocci from?

    He is from Beaverton, Oregon, United States.

  5. How old is Jarrod Tocci?

    Jarrod Tocci is 39 years old, and he will turn 40 next year.

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