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Who is the girl behind the “itchy Boots” YouTube channel? 

Who is the girl behind the “itchy Boots” YouTube channel_ 

Noraly Schoenmaker is the girl behind “Itchy Boots” YouTube channel. Riding motorcycles and traveling the world are Noraly’s two biggest passions. Before she became a full time traveler in 2018 she worked as a Geologist, since then she rode over 130,000 Km around the world. This article will explain Itchy Boots Noraly’s biography, net worth, boyfriend and latest news.

I’ve ridden 130.000 kilometers solo around the world and still counting! My name is Noraly, I’m Dutch and passionate about motorcycles, traveling and adventuring. In 2018, I quit my job, sold my belongings and have been traveling the world fulltime by motorcycle since then. Right now, I am picking up my journey towards Alaska from when I started it in the South of Argentina, in Patagonia. My loyal companion is named Alaska, and she is a Honda CRF300L Rally, carrying me all the way to Alaska!

Itchy Boots eka Noraly Schoenmaker

Itchy Boots biography and early life

Noraly Schoenmaker is a 34 years old Dutch girl born in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Since her childhood , Noraly has grown up in the Netherlands and her birthday is 2nd of May 1988. She has blonde hair and eye color is Blue. Itchy Boots height is 5 Feet and 7 Inches and weight is approx. 64Kg. 

Know asItchy Boost
Real nameNoraly Schoenmaker
Birthday2nd of May 1998
BirthplaceRotterdam, Netherlands
Zodiac signCancer
Height5 feet 7 Inches (173 cm)
WeightApprox. 52 kg
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlonde

Noraly Schoenmaker Family and relationships

Noraly’s mother is a house wife and he father runs a hardware shop near their home in Rotterdam. It seems she likes to keep her family and other relationships personal. 

Does Itchy Boost have a boyfriend?

When she was pursuing her higher studies she had a boyfriend. She currently not dating anyone. 

Is Itchy Boots married? 

Noraly is a solo traveler and she is not married yet.

Itchy Boost motorcycle

Noraly Schoenmaker started her solo motorcycle travel life in 2018. She was riding Honda CB500X till December 2022. Then she switch to Honda CRF 300 Rally.

Itchy Boost net worth 2022

Noraly Schoenmaker makes her money from YouTube, Affiliation and merch on her own website. She has not revealed her net worth yet. But Itchy Boost net worth is believed to be more than $ 2.5 million as of 2022.

Noraly Schoenmaker Social Media

Her YouTube channel has more than 1.47 million subscribers and 286 million views. She has not forgotten to share some special places on her Instagram profile. She has 298K followers on her Instagram Profile. And also more than 181,000 users follow her Facebook page. 


Does Noraly travel alone?

Itchy Boost is a solo traveler and she has ridden alone more than 130,000 Km as of 2018.

Where is Itchy Boost Noraly now?

As of her Instagram profile she is now in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

Does Itchy Boots have a crew?

No she doesn’t have a crew. She is a single and solo traveler. 

What is itchy boots real name?

Her real name is Noraly Schoenmaker.

What countries has itchy boots been to?

She has travel in Asia, Mexico, South America, East Africa and central America.

Is itchy boots a geologist?

She worked as a Geologist before became a full time traveler.

What motorcycle does itchy boots ride?

Currently she is riding Honda CRF 300 Rally.

How many subscribers does itchy boots have?

She as over 1.4 million subscribers as of November, 2022.

How old is itchy Boots?

She is 34 years old as of 2022.

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Facts about Dom and Marie from Vanlife Sagas YouTube channel

Everything About Dom And Marie From Vanlife Sagas

Dom and Marie from Vanlife Sagas are one of the most famous vloggers with a splendid Vanlife. This article will address who they are, what they do as their career, net worth, social media, and more things you would know.

Dom and Marie biography

The couple known as Dom and Marie is Canadians. They started their careers long ago and found their path crossed recently with travel intentions. This biography will say how they got there.

“We’re Dom & Marie, a Canadian couple who lives in a van since 2017. We love to share Vanlife tips, daily living advice and adventure videos. Buckle up and get ready for Vanlife Sagas”

Dom & Marie

Dom biography and early life

Dom Faucha from Vanlife Sagas YouTube channel

Dom was born in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, and his real name are Dom Faucha. We don’t know about his parents and his birth year. The only thing we know about Dom’s parents is that they were both in the military, and Dom had to be in several places in Canada. Dom has a brother and a sister who enjoy their lives by traveling. Dom’s birthday was on 4th November in 1987. He is 34 years old now.

As a schoolboy, Dom has found music and art attractive for him. He mentioned that his school time inspired him to become who he has become. Since photography, arts, and creativeness were in his blood, Dom has been able to earn money even while spending his life on wheels.

The vlogger has had his Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies from the University of Laval. As Dom mentions about his education, he has got his degree in Journalism and Advertising and Marketing to do something of his own. But, there were no plans to spend a life in a van. After graduation, it was a job he went after. He found a teaching assistant at the same university.  

Dom has started his earnings as a freelance writer. Then he moved to Bleublancrouge as a copywriter. The Youtuber has been working as an Associate Creative Director for Orkestra. He is living with his wife, Marie, in a van, which they modified and traveling worldwide.

Marie biography and early life

Marie Bastlen from Vanlife Sagas

The brain behind the Vanlife Youtube channel is Marie. Her full name is Marie Bastlen. She was born in 1990 in Canada. The Youtuber went to a school in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. We don’t know who her parents and siblings are. The 32 old influencers had her bachelor’s degree from Ottawa University in 2016. Marie is completing her Ph.D. in Education. She is managing several professional tasks for the family.

The social media influencer says she works for 9 online communities, coordinating 4 events and creating content for those who get the Vanlife Saga’s service. She met Dom in 2015, and that is due to their mutual interest in traveling.

Family and relationships

The family the pair has got themselves. But, we can see that their fathers are spending closer lives with them. More importantly, it was Dom’s and Marie’s fathers who helped them to modify the vehicle they have now. Although Dom has a brother and sister, they are not living their lives closer to Dom and Marie. The couple doesn’t have a child now. Once, Marie mentioned that they are single until they complete their careers. Also, they don’t have a pet.

The clients the couple works with are close to them. We can see Dom and Marie are capturing them on their social media account as well.

What is the Van of Dom and Marie?

Dom and Marie purchased their first Van, a 2014 Dodge Ram Promaster, in 2017. The previous owner had used it for delivery purposes. They had to expend CAD$28,700 for the renovation. A mobile home and an office were created in the end. It was Dom’s idea he had been a specialist in such creative tasks. The couple has mentioned that they have traveled more than 25000 miles in this vehicle.

They are currently using a Promaster, which has been named Vanessa by the couple. It was purchased in 2020. As they mention, their latest vehicle is the best support they have. Also, the facilitating of the WiFi network has been the only problem they have. Since the couple has to work with many clients online, they stay near some major cities until they complete these tasks. Vanessa is the only help for them in such tasks.


One of the achievements of Dom and Marie is the Vanlife Sagas: a series of short travel documentaries. It is expected to cover some fascinating countries in the world ma ranging from the USA to New Zealand. They will completely cover Iceland, Norway, and South Africa in their tour. 

How much is Vanlife Sagas Net worth 2022?

Vanlife Sagas’ net worth is $132,000. Their YouTube channel brings the couple the highest revenue, with 3,690,715 total views from 57.9K subscribers. Influencing, brand sponsoring, event coordination, digital marketing, writing, and salaries make this income.

Social Media

Vanlife Sagas is available on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Instagram has been the most successful platform for the couple, with 60.6k Followers for 238 Posts they have updated. Since Dom has digital marketing knowledge, he has also added a Pinterest account to get more social media traffic.


How much is Vanlife Sagas Net worth?

Vanlife Sagas’ net worth is $132,000. They are growing fast, and they will exceed the $200,000 milestone soon.

Did Vanlife Saga sell Vanessa?

Although they have decided to sell their second brand new Van, Vanessa, they have not sold it yet.

What is the Vanlife Sagas Electrical system?

They use a solar panel along with AGM batteries for their electrical supplies.

Who are Dom and Marie from Vanlife Sagas?

They are Dom Faucha and Marie Bastien.

How old are Dom and Marie from Vanlife Sagas?

Dom is 34 years old, and his wife, Marie, is 32 years old.

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The Story of Nomadic Travel Photographer Christian Schaffer

The Story of Nomadic Travel Photographer Christian Schaffer

Christian Schaffer has got affectionate as a Youtuber, photographer, and outdoor adventurer. But, it’s her Van that made her famous. This content will explain her biography, career, relationships, net worth, and more things you need to know.

Christian Schaffer biography and early life

Christian was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas, the United States, on 7 May 1986 and she is 36 years old as of 2022. Christian’s mother was a teenager when she was born, and her grandfather took care of her until she turned 06. Shaun had to keep her two children, Christian and Joshua, in a car at age 06.

After a while, her mother took them to Wisconsin, where she found a job. Christian and her brother lived in a basement there. As Christian reminds, her mother had to go door to door to make a living by selling books.

Christian went to Oshkosh North High School in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. She loved art and did lots of writing at school. Christian had mentioned once,

“I did not have a proper living. But, it was my reading that made my life in the future. Not only were the living, but several more ambitions brought into my attention by the school where I studied”.

After entering the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Christian decided that it was not the place for her education. Then she moved to the University of Hawaii at Mānoa in 2004. Her interest was to be a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in marketing while she paid attention to learning Spanish as a subject.

She got the graduation in 2007 at the age of 24. Also, the Youtuber continued the Italian Language and Literature at International House World Organization (IHWO).

Currently, she is settled in Seattle, Washington, United States, and traveling as a photographer worldwide.

Family and relationships

Christian is neither married nor having any affair at present. The only relationship she shares is with her mother and brother. The 36 years old YouTubers mother is Shaun M. Schaffer, who is working as a massage therapist and a travel agent. We don’t know about Christian’s father’s name.

Although the travel influencer has a father and a grandfather, Christian has not seen any of them in 30 years, even at once. She doesn’t talk about any of them either.

The most inspired relationship Christian has got is with her pets. She has got lost for pets at home, such as Pickle, Kitty, and Peanut. She enjoys time with them. But we can’t see her taking any of them on her Van.

We can see that Christian has had a worse childhood and lived in a car once. That is why she has chosen to live in a van as well. Therefore, Christy will find someone that matches those hard experiences. But, until now, she has not found any. 


Christian Schaffer has had several careers, such as a waitress in five restaurants, a model for Abercrombie & Fitch in Honolulu, a brand promoter for Rolex and Harry Winston Inc., and a manager for Puma and Starbucks and Abercrombie & Fitch. At present, she is working as an influencing photographer and a vlogger.

What is Christian Schaffer Van?

The vehicle used by the Youtuber is a 2008 Nissan Xterra SUV. She decided to live on wheels in 2018, and the car was the option she could have taken. She had to expend $30,000 for the vehicle upgrades, and she also made plans for that. Since the vehicle she used was a reconditioned one, Christian preferred a brand-new vehicle.

In 2019, Christian purchased a brand new Ram ProMaster 1500 High Roof vehicle along with all the accessories. She converted it with eco features and turned it into b powered up by Solar Power. Her all Youtubing tasks, photography career, and social media are conducted using solar power. Not only that, cooking, heating, and every activity except traveling are powered by solar power.

Christian has once said, “The life on this vehicle along with Solar power has been less expensive than living in an apartment. When it comes to the freedom, I enjoy, living on wheels has been the best thing to have happened in my life”.

Christian Schaffer Van Ram ProMaster 1500 High Roof

Social media

Christian is on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Tik tok. Instagram is the most successful platform for Christian, with 293k followers. She is among the Vloggers who upload breathtaking landscapes on Instagram, and that is why she is growing her fan base quickly. Most of the photos Christian uploads onto Social media are of people she found on the road.

Christian Schaffer net worth

Christian Schaffer’s net worth is $345,000. Her sponsoring, influencing, YouTube revenue, YouTube advertisements, modeling, commercial photography,  and affiliate marketing have brought this net worth for Christian Schaffer. YouTube is the main revenue source for her net worth, from 14,451,539 views along with 204K subscribers.


What is Christian Schaffer Van model?

She is using a Ram ProMaster 1500 High Roof model.

Who is Christian Schaffer’s father?

She has not mentioned anything about her father.

Is Christian Schaffer’s Model career going now?

Although she has worked with a few world-known brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch in Honolulu and Rolex, she is not doing it now.

Does Christian Schaffer’s Website sell products?

Yes, she is keeping it as an affiliate prioritized website. 

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Everything to know Jarrod Tocci’s Lifestyle and Net worth

Everything to know Jarrod Tocci's Lifestyle and Net worth

Jarrod Tocci is among the least people who made the brave decision to live on four wheels. This article will explain his biography, career, net worth, and more things you would want to know.

Jarrod Tocci Biography

Jarrod Tocci was born in 1983 in Beaverton, Oregon, United States. He has mentioned that he has siblings in the family through his YouTube channel, and we don’t know who they are. Also, we don’t have information about the parents of Jarrod Tocci. The vlogger went to Beaverton in Oregon, where he got the skills related to content writing. In one of his videos, he also mentions his school as the birthplace of his thoughts.

After completing his high school education, Jarrod went to Wentworth Institute of Technology for his Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering. That is what made him build a home on wheels later. Along with the education, Jarrod got his content writing and drama skills in Boston. Jarrod spent several evenings there sensing drama, comedy, and acting fundamentals. After graduation, it had been hard for him as Jarrod could not find any opportunity to go ahead.

After a couple of minor jobs, Jarrod could earn a spot in his first movie, American Style (2008). The role he played was the twin father of Sam, who had a bit higher thing in the film. Two years after that, Jafford got his second move, Counting Backwards (2010), in which Jarrod played the role of Young Darren. 2011 was the year he started his Youtube career. Since then, he has been building homes in vans and creating videos that belong to various niches. Jarrod is single at present and living in his dream, traveling by his Van.

jarrod Tocci with his dog Glacier

Family and relationships

We don’t know who the father of Jarrod Tocci is. But, Jarrod has mentioned him on several occasions as he helped Jarrod to build GHOST, his Van on wheels. He has a brother named Jeff Tocci. Jarrod is single at present, and we can’t see any relationships he had throughout his life. Since it has been less than a few years since his success, we will see a partner in next coming years.

We can see Jarrod is having relationships with other Van travelers. Recently, such a writer, Alaska, visited Jarrod’s GHOST for a friendly chat and they are not deeply connected.

Jarrod has a pet partner Glacier, a dog. He adopted Glacier a year ago from a shop. Recently, Jarrod had added a few clicks of Glacier.

Jarrod Tocci with his brother Jeff Tocci

What is Jarrod Tocci Ghost Van?

The Ghost Van is the name used for his modified Van but Jarrod Tocci. He built it in 2017, and since then, Jarrod has added several modifications to the Ghost Van. The Van has got that name as he had managed the small space to include lots of features focusing on the stealth mode. No one will believe that his person would sleep in this Van.

Jarrod has happened to save money for up to 06 months for building the GHOST. He had spent $10,000 on the upgrades. The travel money has been found through YouTube monetization.

The GHOST was a Ram Promaster 159 wheelbase high roof. Since this creative person had to spend his time in the suburbs and public transport to do his videos, this decision was taken. He has established a fixed bed instead of a temporary table, and it is the most challenging for the project.

Heated floors, Recirculating shower, solar panels for energy, and a floating ceiling are the feature added later. Along with a kitchen, table, and a place to enjoy a drink, the Van is a complete house.

Ghost 1, Ram Promaster 159

What is Jarrod’s GHOST 2?

Jarrod is in the GHOST 2, which is a modified Sprinter. This is the vehicle he used as he had to sell the first vehicle. The latest GHOST 2 has given 10ft high living space for Jarrod, which is higher than the previous Van, GHOST 1. Not only the money but the experience and the knowledge are among the things he got from GHOST 1. 

Ghost 2, Sprinter Van


Jarrod has several careers as a comedian, actor, and consultant for vehicle upgrades, Youtuber, vlogger, affiliate marketer, and Architecture. Youtubing has been the mostly befitted career for Jarrod, while vehicle modifying is his hobby.

Jarrod Tocci’s net worth 2022

Jarrod Tocci’s net worth is $145,000. Youtubing brings him the major income due to his 206k followers and 33,345,523 views. Influencing, brand sponsors, and acting has brought him a comparatively higher income. His affiliate website is used for selling his products and consulting for travelers. The website brings him minor revenues. 

Social media

Jarrod is on Facebook and Instagram. Jarrod has been mostly successful on Instagram as an influencer with 24.5k followers. Promotions, achievements, and the latest travel updates are delivered through the Instagram account.


How many vans does Jarrod Tocci own?

He owns just one Van. Jarrod sold his previous Van and built another Home on the newly purchased Sprinter.

What is Jarrod Tocci’s Net worth?

Jarrod’s net worth is $145,000.

What solar panel has Jarrod used on his Van?

He is using a Light Harvest Solar on his Van.

Where is Jarrod Tocci from?

He is from Beaverton, Oregon, United States.

How old is Jarrod Tocci?

Jarrod Tocci is 39 years old, and he will turn 40 next year.

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Facts to know about Trent and Allie’s lifestyle & Net worth

Facts to know about Trent and Allie's lifestyle & Net worth

Traveling to 16 different countries with a van is not an easy task. Trent and Allie have not only achieved that but done more things a couple wouldn’t do within a couple of years. This article will explain their fantastic journey along with the biography, family and relationship, career, and more things you would like to know.

Trent and Allie’s biography

Trent Childs and Allie Miraglia first met through a dating app. That is not either the beginning or the end of their story.


Trent Childs was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1987. He was raised in the Grand Ridge community, where he spent his childhood. His father was Allen Childs, and we don’t know who his mother is. Trent Childs has gone to a local college in the area, and he reminds us of that place through his YouTube videos. Trent was an outdoor gear sales representative who visited homes in daily life.

After meeting his partner, Allie became a travel addict as he had that in his deep. Both went on a road trip to Canada in 2017, which was the beginning of their long journey. In 2017, Trent and Allie sold their van and purchased a RAM Promaster. He converted it to a home, and the expenditure was $50,000. Trent added a toilet, shower, oven, refrigerator, and even a temperature-controlled furnace for their travel partner.

“Without having any physical belonging, we enjoyed our lives. Actually, it was my idea to leave everything ad live on a van which actually worked,” said Trent once. Now he is adapting to new farm life and away from his beloved van.

Trent Childs


Allie Miraglia was born in 1989 in Washington DC. After having an academic-related to Business administration, Allie got her first job. She was employed as a project manager in a healthcare quality improvement organization. She loved spending time with nature and the surrounding.

Allie’s hobbies were mountain biking, hiking, and going into the wilderness. She met her husband through a dating app, Bumble, in 2016. They had a small tryout in 2017, trying to go for a long drive. It worked as well. In the same year, they started their YouTube channel, which has brought their income from that moment onwards.

Currently, she is in Utah with her Husband as they changed their attitude due to the newborn Child. Although they built a house and live as vloggers who have homes, traveling will be their ultimate desire. Allie had to face one terrible moment recently. In 2019, two men tried to steal their vehicle while they were asleep. Although they could get away, this triggered a sense of danger.

Allie Miraglia

Their Baby

Leo is Trent and Allie’s baby boy. He was born in November 2021. The baby was just 36 old when he was born and had to fight for his life. After a brave fight and spending days in BCU, Leo has recovered from his breathing difficulties. Leo Childs will also join to this parent’s tours in the future.

Are Trent and Allie Mormon?

Although there are rumors of the Child’s family being Mormon, we could not find any proof. We have not seen Trent and Allie reading Religious books like most Mormons. It seems they are Christianity and the Mormon is a Trent and Allie gossip.

Family and relationships

The personal relationships of Trent and Allie are with their only Child Leo who was born ten months ago. We don’t see Trent and Allie having siblings or talk about them either. The first pet they met was Frank, and now they have Lika, who has been in the family for a year. Other than the family, the duo has relationships related to their traveling. But we can see that they don’t have long-lasting friends.

What kind of dog do Trent and Allie have?

Frank is a Blue Heeler, and Lika is a German shepherd.


Both Allie and Trent started their career as traditional job holders. Then they found out that traveling is the best hobby and that vlogging is the best professional they can find. They have been doing that since 2018.

Trent and Allie

Trent and Allie’s net worth 2022

Tent and Allie’s net worth is $735,000. Their YouTube revenue, website’s affiliate income, Influencing, and sponsoring have brought this revenue to them.

Social media

Trent & Allie are on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook and have their official website. Youtubing has been the best platform for them, along with 445k subscribers and a total of 103,821,826 views.


What do Trent and Allie do for a living?

They are YouTubers who upload videos about their traveling experiences and get a monthly revenue from that. Also, they have influencing, sponsoring, and affiliates as particular income sources. 

Where are Trent and Allie building their house?

Trent and Allie are building their house in Utah.

On which days are Trent and Ellie episodes out?

They release episodes on YouTube on Monday & Friday.

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“Live and Give 4X4” YouTube Channel Net worth and Facts

Live and Give 4X4_ YouTube Channel Net worth and Facts

Being a full-time traveler is not so easy even for a single person. But what about traveling full time with a little baby boy and two dogs? Live and Give 4X4 is Isabela and Fabian who live in a truck with their little son Matheo and two dogs, Uni and Basco. They have rented their house in Germany and have been full-time nomads since 2016. 

Live and Give 4X4 family members. 

Live and Give 4X4 family members. 

As you already know there are 5 members living in  Live and Give Mercedes Atego 4×4. Fabian, Isabela, Matheo, Uni, and Basco are the whole family. Fabian is from Germany and Isabell is from Brazil. They were met in Barcelona while traveling. Their son Matheo was born in Germany.

They have not revealed their age, birthday and other biography facts yet, it seems they like to keep it personal. But we can guess that Fabian is in his early thirties and Isabela is in her late twenties. Their little son Mathew was born in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic time.

Social media

Fabian and Isabela are on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. YouTube is the one they are mostly active on. They have more than 106K subscribers and 7.4 million views on YouTube as of August 2020. They share on Instagram every moment they capture while traveling.

Live and Give 4X4 net worth

Fabian and Isabela make money from his YouTube channel, travel consulting, and some affiliates. They have not revealed his net worth to the public. But their net worth is believed to be $ 1 million as of 2022.

“Our Mission is to motivate YOU. It does not matter what or where you drive, what matters is that you move it”

— Outdoor Boys —

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Here is Everything About Glen and Mado YouTube Channel 

Here is Everything About Glen and Mado YouTube Channel 

Being Nomadic has become a dream for most people currently. The world has changed now, they don’t seek 9 to 5 jobs anymore. Glen and Mado, an Irish guy and German girl living nordic life, and traveling is their passion. 

Glen and Mado biography

Glen is from Ireland and his girlfriend Mado is from Germon. They started their YouTube journey in August 2021. Now their YouTube channel has over 55K subscribers and 5,578,241 views within one year. 

Hi there, Welcome to our YouTube channel. We’re Glen and Mado, an Irish Guy and a German Girl. We share the local experience, hidden gems and travel tips. Come travel with us and learn about different cultures!

Glen and Mado in Guelmin, Morocco
Glen and Mado in Guelmin, Morocco

Social media

They are on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Youtube. 

Glen and Mado net worth

Mado and Glen just started their career as travel Vloggers. They earns some amount from YouTube but they have not revealed about their net worth yet.

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Meet Karstan and Maxine who travel in 1968 Kombi Van + Facts

Meet Karstan and Maxine who travel in 1968 Kombi with kid Zuri

As a people, we have many dreams like a luxury mansion, vehicles, etc. But what about being a nomad in an old 1968 Kombi with a little baby girl? Here we found a couple like that, meet Karstan and Maxine from Australia.

They are still not so famous as they have only 14K subscribers on YouTube. But the fact is they have just started their nomadic life and their first video was uploaded titled “CAMERON CORNER with a BABY!” January 18, 20222. In a short time, they have grown fast with several travel vlogs.

Karstan and Maxine biography

Both Karstan and Maxine in their 30s as of 2022. Their birthday and and other personal information not found in public domains now. It seems they like to keep their personal information privately. They have a cute daughter named Zuri together. The couple is Australian on nationality.

Family and realationship

The only relationship we found is their daughter Zuri. They didn’t talk about their parents and siblings yet in their videos yet. Before they have Zuri they travel in Asia and Europe in their 20s. In 2009 they bought their Kombi van and began van life. When they back to Australia they bring the Kombi van too.

Since then they are traveling beautiful and specials places in Australia but their YouTube journey is started in six month before on January 2022. Now you may wonder why about Kombi van under family and relationships topic. Actually Karstan and Max’s best friend is the Kombi Van.

Karstan and Maxine net worth

You may wonder how they makes money. They earn their income by YouTube channel views and affiliations. But their net worth is not reviled yet as of 2022.

Social media

Karstan and max active on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. They have more than 56L followers in Instagram and they share their travel life on Instagram.

Karstan and Maxine with their daughter Zuri on Kombi Van
Karstan and Maxine with their daughter Zuri on Kombi Van

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Who is the girl behind Backpacking Bananas YouTube Channel

Who is the girl behind Backpacking Bananas YouTube Channel

Who is backpacking Bananas

Backpacking bananas is a youtube channel that has become famous due to its discussion about backpacking. The girl behind the channel, her information, social media, and career have been the concerns at present for her followers. This article will explain who she is and the information you would like to know.

Christiane biography

Christiane Alice Risman is the person behind the backpacking banana youtube channel. She was born on September 30, 1993. She is from Chertsey and was raised in Woking by her parents. Natasha and Maria are her sisters who have helped Christiane with most of the things. For the 28 years, old English Youtuber has not mentioned much about her parents, and we will bring them to you as soon as we know.

Christiane attended The Sixth Form College Farnborough. However, the Youtuber did not go to University as she realized it was not in her demands for a better future. She has revealed that her school was the very first place where she learned videography and various presenting techniques.

At present, she is a solo traveler who travels all around the world. When looking at Christie’s recent activities, she has visited her sisters and is meeting their family members in Australia. She has been doing this for 08 years, and she started it in 2014 after she said bye to her school.

She says she has traveled in 43 countries worldwide and has a collection of thousands of photos. Her zodiac sign is Libra. Christie is not married or dating someone at present. After looking at her social media and YouTube, it is clear that she has always been a solo traveler.  

Christiane Alice Risman from Backpacking Bananas
Christiane Alice Risman from Backpacking Bananas

Family and relationships

As we can see, the close relationship Christie keeps is with her sisters, Natasha and Maria. She appears in images with those two, and we still don’t see Christie belonging with her parents. Recently, Christie posted an image of her sister, Natasha’s newly born child stating, “Special thanks to Natasha for making it happen with creating a beautiful baby.”

According to records, she has not dated anyone either. The relationship Christie currently maintains is with her travel companions. Although she is traveling alone, Christie meets hundreds of people on the way. Other than the sponsors influencing matters, Christie is not maintaining long-lasting relationships.


The only career Christie has chosen is Youtubing with Vlogging. In addition, she has recently started influencing and affiliate marketing through her social media accounts. She doesn’t have specific academic skills to be used for vlogging but the experience she got for 08 years.

Backpacking bananas net worth 2022

The backpacking bananas net worth is about 1.5M USD. The main way of bringing income to her is Youtubing. At the moment this article is written, Christie has got 169k subscribers to her channel, and she has been able to get a considerable income through that. Other than that, she does influence through her social media accounts to have an additional income.

Branding, sponsoring, and affiliate marketing have been her other ways of generating income. In 2019, Christie started her practical clothing line as “Solo,” and she has an income from that as well. However, Christie doesn’t have her own website. Soon, she will create one and increase her net worth along with mots products under her branding.

Social media

Christiane is on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She has been most popular on Instagram, with 45.5k followers. Facebook and Twitter have been her partially used Social media accounts along with fewer followers than Instagram.


Who is Christiane Riesman’s boyfriend or husband?

Currently, Christiane is single, which means she doesn’t have a boyfriend or husband.

How old is Christiane Risman from Backpacking bananas YouTube channel?

Christiane Risman is 28 years old now. She will turn 29 this September.

How tall are Backpacking Bananas?

Backpacking Bananas or Christiane Risman is 5 ft 10 inches tall.

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Travel Vloggers

Everything to know about Laura and Nicolas YouTube channel

Everything to know about Laura and Nicolas YouTube channel

Among the inevitable modern-day travel vloggers, Laura and Nicolas Herbert are two crucial names. Although the world doesn’t know much about Belgium vloggers as it is much rare, the entire world knows about these two. This article will bring some vital information about them.

Laura and Nicolas biography


The famous couple Laura and Nicholas’s full name are respectively Laura Nadine & Nicolas Herbert. Not only Nicolas but Laura are from Belgium, one of the most beautiful countries, along with its natural assets. Both travelers love 70s music, and they have shared that fact in a magazine interview once.

According to Nicolas, California, Western Australia, Myanmar, Utah, and Bali. These are the best places they have visited so far. Among these two, Nicole is the person with the business mind. He has diverted their traveling desire and fame into income earning. He is keeping affiliate stuff nearby them.


Laura hailed from Ghent, Belgium. Both travel influencers have not revealed their birthplace or their other family information. But, we can understand they have had an awesome time in Ghent along with the Medieval age attractions for having them into the beginning of their vlogging.

Although she is a travel influencer now, acting has been her favorite, and she has wanted to become an actress. They have not mentioned their birthdays either. But, we can say that they are in their 20s.

As they see life, life is something free that needs to be enjoyed. That is why they are traveling all around the world as well. Life itself has freedom, and that is why they have transformed Their lives into something special. No one might think that Laura was a sales executive in fashion and Nicholas was once a real estate agent. They are currently in the USA, having a road trip.

Family and relationships

Laura has only one relationship, and it is a landmark-styled one, Nicholas. They met before they started travel blogging. They have known each other for more than ten years, and that is what has made them so attached to each other. They still don’t have children.

As Laura has mentioned about that, life is too busy for them still. When coming to other relationships, such as parents and siblings, they don’t show much interest as they have not uploaded photos of them. The manager is the post he has earned in his career, and he had wanted to be a sportsperson the world knows.


When minding the careers of Laura and Nicolas, there is not just one but many. Travel influencing, Youtubing, video editing, affiliate, photography, digital marketing, and sponsoring have been their careers so far.

Nicole’s website, One Hand, The Herbert Agency, is a great help to their careers when establishing a clear path along with financial strength as well. Nicole is working as the project manager, and he saves a massive amount for his company through his post.  

Laura and Nicolas in Mílos, Kikladhes, Greece
Laura and Nicolas in Mílos, Kikladhes, Greece

Laura and Nicolas net worth of 2022

Laura and Nicolas net worth in 2022 is around $2 Million. Their Youtubing has been the best income method for them. Other than that, Nichols company has contributed to them with a huge margin. When considering these stats, Nichol’s net worth is around $400,000.

Social media

The only two ways the duo used to get connected with the world are YouTube and Instagram. Laura and Nicholas have 344k followers on Instagram and 69k subscribers on YouTube. They uploaded everything they do, face, and enjoy on these platforms.


What is Laura and Nicolas nationality?

Both are Belgians who travel around the world.

How old are Laura and Nicolas?

Laura and Nicholas have said that they are in their end 20s. We can assume they are 28 or 29 years old with their look.

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Travel Vloggers

Who is man behind Field Days YouTube channel + Net worth

Who is man behind Field Days YouTube channel + Net worth

Matt Field is the man behind Field Days YouTube channel and he is from Australia. He inspired people to travel making verity of outdoor, hunting, survival and adventure videos. Most of his videos goes viral on YouTube. This article is everything about Matt Field net worth, biography, girlfriend, family and facts you love to know.

Field Days’ Matt Field wiki/ Biography

Matt Field is a 29 years old travel vlogger from Australia. Matt Field birthday is on NA and he was born in Australia an Gemini is his zodiac sign. Matt’s height and other body parameters unknown to public domains. We will update this article as soon as possible.

Known AsField Days
Real NameMatt Field
Birth placeAustralia
Weightapprox. 59 kg

Family and relationships

It seems like Matt is quite like to keep his parent’s and siblings’ information private. We search his all social media profiles. But unable to find any photos of his mother and father. The only relationship we found is his girlfriend Maky.

Maky is from Czech and they runs a YouTube channel named Maky and Matt together. As their main channel Maky and Matt is also a travel vlogging channel.

Field Days' Matt Field girlfriend Maky
Field Days’ Matt Field girlfriend Maky

Field Days net worth

Matt Field makes money from YouTube channel earnings, selling products on their website, and Amazon and other affiliate programs. His net worth is believed to be $ 2 Million as of 2022.

Social media

Field days YouTube channel has 1.19 million subscribers and more than 114 million views as of 2022. Maky and Matt channel now reach 50 K subscribers and 2.1 million views. They share every beautiful moment captured while traveling on their Instagram accounts. They are not so active on Facebook.

Field days

Maky and Matt

Mack and Matt is Mat Field’s girlfriend YouTube channel and it runs with both of Mat and Maky.

I am Maky – a Czech chick, living from the ocean in a 78 series Troopy, traveling & capturing the world with my Aussie boyfriend Field Days. Follow our adventures whilst we are living on the road, catching our own food, and exploring Australia. We met in Bali 5 years ago but recently, we have moved to Australia, bought 78 series Troopy and made it our home on wheels! Let me show you more from the personal side of our lives, inspire you to live a simple, fulfilled life & give you some travel tips.


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What is Field Days real name?

His real name is Matt Field

How much is Maky and Matt net worth?

Maky and Matt YouTube channel net worth is belived to be $ 0.5 Million as of 2022.

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