Luke Martin’s Chopstick Travel Journey, Net Worth & Relationships

Luke Martin's Chopstick Travel Journey, Net Worth & Relationships

Luke Martin is the face behind Chopstick Travel. Luke was born on April 10, 1994, and is now 29 years old as of March 2024. He travels and tries foods from all over the world, sharing his adventures online. Luke, from Canada, has made a lot of money from his videos, between $1 million to $5 million. He wants people to learn about and love foods from different places. His videos are not just about eating but also about understanding and respecting other cultures. He believes that food can bring people closer and teach us about each other’s ways of life.

The Journey of Luke Martin

Luke Martin’s adventure into travel and food blogging began with his deep love for exploring new places and tasting different foods. Born and raised in Canada, Luke was always eager to learn about other cultures. At first, traveling was just for fun, a way for him to see the world and enjoy new flavors.

But soon, Luke saw that his journeys and the foods he tried could inspire people. He decided to start sharing his experiences online through Chopstick Travel. This wasn’t just any travel blog, it was a special place where Luke could show off the amazing foods and traditions he discovered around the globe.

Luke’s switch from just traveling for fun to becoming a professional influencer happened naturally. His excitement and love for exploring new cultures shone through his work, attracting many followers. Now, with Chopstick Travel, Luke has turned his passion into a career. He continues to encourage others to explore and taste the wide variety of foods our world has to offer, proving that following your passion can lead to great things.

Chopstick Travel’s goal is to help you better understand the world we live in and let you in on insider local tips about the BEST places to eat and see! In doing so, I hope to help travellers like you easily navigate on your own food and travel journeys!!

Luke Martin

Luke Martin Biography

Known AsLuke Martin Chopstick Travel
Age29 years
BirthdayApril 10, 1994
Zodiac SignAries
BirthplaceOntario, Canada
HometownToronto, Ontario, Canada

Luke Martin’s Net Worth and Income Sources

Luke Martin has turned his love for travel and food into a successful career with Chopstick Travel. Here’s a simple look at how he earns money and his estimated net worth:

Net Worth

It’s guessed that Luke has between $1 million to $5 million. These guesses are based on how popular he is online and how many people watch his videos.

How Luke Makes Money

  • YouTube Ads: Luke’s YouTube channel has over 340,000 fans, and he makes money when ads play on his videos.
  • Sponsorships: Companies related to travel and food sometimes pay Luke to mention their products in his videos.
  • Affiliate Marketing: If Luke talks about a product and you buy it using his link, he gets a small part of the sale.

This mix of earning ways helps Luke keep traveling, trying new foods, and sharing his experiences with us.

Luke Martin’s Relationships: Partners in Travel and Life

Luke and Sabrina Breakup

In his journey through the worlds of travel and food, Luke Martin has shared more than just his adventures, he’s also opened up about the special people who travel by his side. One key figure in his journey is Sabrina Davidson.

Sabrina wasn’t just a travel companion, she played a crucial role in the creation and growth of Chopstick Travel. Together, they explored new places, tried countless dishes, and shared their love for the world’s diverse cultures with their audience.

Luke and Sabrina before their breakup

This partnership in travel and life brought a unique touch to Chopstick Travel, making it a blend of their shared experiences and adventures. Their relationship added depth to their content, showing viewers the joys and challenges of exploring the world with someone you care about.

However, as in life, changes come. Luke’s personal life has seen transitions, affecting his travel and the stories he shares. Luke and Sabrina are no longer together. Sabrina married a person named Harshveer Bajwa in September 2023.

Sabrina Davidson with her husband Harshveer Bajwa

Who is Luke Martin New Girlfriend?

Luke is currently in a relationship with a girl named Mink from Thailand. He introduced Mink to his fans through a video on his channel, released on May 10, 2023.

Popular Destinations Covered by Chopstick Travel

Luke Martin is a ticket to a global culinary adventure. Here’s a deeper look into some of the fascinating destinations and the diversity of cuisines Luke has explored,

  • Sri Lanka: Luke explored Sri Lankan village food, including a unique fisherman’s lunch wrapped in lotus leaf and special rotis.
  • Vietnam: His documentary on 31 must-try Vietnamese street foods takes viewers from Hanoi to Hoi An, diving deep into Vietnam’s culinary scene. 
  • Greece: Luke tasted Greek street food on an island, including a century-old Bougatsa and adventurous street BBQs. 
  • Brunei: He explored Asia’s $1 Street Food Market in Brunei, featuring an incredibly affordable BBQ and an Ambuyat feast. 

Through Chopstick Travel, Luke Martin doesn’t just share meals, he invites us into a world of diverse cultures, traditions, and stories, one dish at a time.

Engaging with the Audience

Luke Martin shares his food trips on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, making friends with his fans. He talks to people who watch his videos, making them feel part of his travels.

Luke’s fun and easy way of sharing his love for food and places helps create a group of fans who enjoy exploring like he does. He uses videos, photos, and stories to invite others to learn about the world’s food and places, bringing everyone closer together.

Challenges and Rewards of Food and Travel Blogging

In Luke Martin’s journey of sharing food and travel stories, he faces challenges but also enjoys many rewards.


  • Creating Content: It’s tough to keep making new, interesting videos, especially with the need for high quality.
  • Travel Issues: Going to new places means dealing with travel plans, different languages, and filming on the go.
  • Earning Money: It takes a lot of work to get enough fans to make money from his videos.
  • Keeping Passion Alive: Sometimes, the pressure to post new content can make traveling and eating less fun.

How Luke Deals With Challenges

  • Planning Ahead: Luke plans his trips and videos carefully to keep his content interesting.
  • Working With Others: He teams up with locals or other bloggers to help with language and travel tips.
  • Trying New Things: Luke looks for different ways to make money, like selling merchandise or working with brands.
  • Remembering to Enjoy: He makes sure to take breaks and do what he loves to keep his passion for travel and food.


  • Living His Dream: Luke gets to see the world, try amazing food, and share it all with us.
  • Creating a Community: He’s built a group of fans who love travel and food just like he does.
  • Inspiring Others: His videos encourage people to try new things and learn about other cultures.
  • Making Money: Through his channel and other projects, Luke has found financial success.

Even with its ups and downs, Luke loves sharing his adventures, showing us the beauty of exploring the world through food.


As we’ve seen, Luke Martin’s Chopstick Travel is all about discovering the world through its food. He shows us different cultures, tasty dishes, and the fun of exploring new places. Looking ahead, Luke plans to keep traveling, finding new foods to try, and sharing his adventures. He wants to inspire more people to see the world and taste its amazing flavors. With each video, Luke brings us closer to distant cultures and cuisines, making the world feel a bit more connected. We can’t wait to see where Chopstick Travel goes next and what new foods Luke will introduce us to!

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Is Luke Martin Asian?

Luke Martin is Canadian, born and raised in Ontario, Canada. There was no mention of his ethnicity or whether he has Asian heritage.

Are Luke and Sabrina from Chopstick Travel still together?

Luke and Sabrina from Chopstick Travel are no longer together. Sabrina marriage to person named Harshveer Bajwa in September 2023 suggests their partnership, both personal and professional, has ended.

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