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Laura and Nicolas Herbert are a couple from Belgium who travel around the world making videos and pictures for famous fashion and lifestyle brands. Nicolas is 33, and Laura is 31 years old. Apart from their exciting travels, they own an apartment in NYC, have a home in Europe, and their net worth is around $2 million.

Laura really likes fashion, and Nicolas loves taking pictures. Currently, they live between New York and Europe and help other people who make videos and pictures connect with big brands in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Keep an eye out for the latest stories about their exciting life!

“We are Laura & Nicolas and we travel the world full-time. Laura loves fashion – Nicolas loves photography”

Laura and Nicolas Net Worth 2024

Laura and Nicolas know how to make money in lots of cool ways! They own an apartment in NYC and a home in Europe, and their net worth is around $2 million as of 2024.

First off, they earn money from their YouTube channel, where they share fun videos and have over 79,000 subscribers. They also run a company called “The Herbert Agency,” founded in 2021. It’s like a photography and videography magic place for big companies like Sony, Canon, Mercedes Benz, Shangri-La, and Audi.

They sell the awesome photos they take while travelling, do affiliation stuff (kind of like recommending cool things and getting a little something back), and even earn money from TikTok and Instagram.

So, whether it’s videos, photos, affiliations, or just being super cool on social media, Laura and Nicolas have a bunch of ways to make that cash!

Nicolas Herbats Biography & Early Life

Nicolas Herbats, born on February 23, 1990, in Ghent, Belgium, is a 33-year-old Pisces with a big love for 70s music. His awesome journey from his hometown to become a famous traveller with his partner, Laura Nadine, began way before they started their travel blog, “Passport in One Hand.”

As a kid, Nicolas dreamed of being a sports star, and now he speaks three languages: French, Dutch, and English. His favourite saying is “No risk, no fun,” showing how much he loves adventure.

Nicolas gets inspired by books like “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer, and he learned heaps about photography and videos from someone he admires, Peter McKinnon.

Whether he’s capturing cool moments or exploring the wild, Nicolas is living a life full of music, languages, and the excitement of taking risks!

Laura Nadine Biography & Early Life

Born on October 1, 1992, in Belgium, Laura is 31 years old as of 2024 and a Libra. Before she started travelling the world, she worked in the fashion world for many years. In June 2016, she began sharing her travel adventures on Instagram, and people loved it!

Laura’s not just about pictures; she collaborates with big brands, too. In 2023, she did a cool partnership with Mango. One of their TikToks, where they teamed up with J. Crew for “Summer Suit Season,” got over 12 million views – that’s like having a virtual party!

What makes her story even more special? She’s married to Nicolas, her partner in crime and all things fun! So, whether it’s fashion, travel, or just having a blast, Laura Nadine is making life exciting for all her followers.

Laura and Nicolas in Mílos, Kikladhes, Greece
Laura and Nicolas in Mílos, Kikladhes, Greece

Laura and Nicolas Family and relationships

Laura’s heart belongs to one person – Nicolas! They have a super special relationship that started even before they became famous travel bloggers. Can you believe they’ve known each other for more than ten years? That’s a really long time! They even got married, but guess what? They don’t have children yet.

Laura says life is just too busy for them right now. But you know what’s cool? They’re still really, really attached. When it comes to other family members, like parents and siblings, Laura and Nicolas don’t share much. You won’t find many pictures of them online. They like to keep those relationships more private. That’s okay because what matters most to them is their special bond with each other!


Laura and Nicolas are not just your average couple – they are jacks of many trades! Laura shines as a fashion model, strutting her stuff in the world of style. But that’s not all – they’re also into travel influencers, making videos on YouTube, editing videos, doing affiliate stuff, taking stunning photos, and working in digital marketing. Plus, they get sponsored by big companies.

Nicolas plays a big role, too. He’s like the boss of a place called One Hand, The Herbert Agency. It’s like their secret weapon for success! As the project manager, he’s in charge and makes sure everything runs smoothly. And here’s a fun fact: he saves a ton of money for his company through the things he posts. That’s pretty amazing!

So, whether it’s Laura rocking the fashion world or both of them exploring the globe, making videos, and being bosses in their careers, Laura and Nicolas are truly experts in many things!

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  • What is Laura and Nicolas nationality?

    Laura and Nicolas are both from Belgium. They are Belgian nationals.

  • How old are Laura and Nicolas?

    Nicolas was born on February 23, 1990, making him 33 years old. Laura was born on October 1, 1992, making her 31 years old.

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